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The Mad Dog Morgan Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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a5c7b9f00b The true story of Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan, who is wanted, dead or alive, in Australia during the 1850s.
Australia in the 1850s. Daniel Morgan, like hundreds of other ex-patriots from the British Isles (he is from Ireland), has come Downunder to seek his fortune. There is a gold rush going on, and Morgan wants to strike it rich. As fate would have it, Morgan soon finds himself on the other side of the law, broke and desperate. A single act of highway robbery gets him 12 years of hard labor. While in prison, he is systematically abused. Upon release, Morgan vows revenge on those who wronged him. With the help of an aborigine named Billy, and a growing legend of audacity, Morgan soon becomes a hero. The locals love him, while the wealthy and powerful fear his influence. They want this outlaw dead or alive, and will stop at nothing to see that their sense of justice is done. But Morgan only wants those to pay for the crimes they have committed, to recognize that he wasn't always a bushranger - he was made into one. It wasn't only his mind that made him bad. It was society that turned him into Mad Dog Morgan.
I was moved to write something after reading with dismay comments from others that this was a fair depiction of Morgan… it wasn&#39;t.<br/><br/>Daniel Morgan was not named &quot;Mad Dog&quot; for no reason. He was a murderous rapist, and anyone with the interest to research the matter will agree. On one occasion Morgan joined forces with &quot;Gentleman&quot; Ben Hall to rob a large, well guarded, and very wealthy homestead, but when Morgan attempted to rape one of the women, Hall intervened and the two came to blows, Hall stood his ground and it almost became a gunfight. Hall took control and ordered Morgan off the property, threatening to shoot Morgan on the spot if he didn&#39;t go.<br/><br/>Morgan may well have been a victim of a corrupt and autocratic Colonial Rule, but so was Hall, and he never mistreated his victims, other than to take their valuables. Hall never robbed or disrespected women, in fact male victims upon being &quot;baled up&quot; would quickly put all their money and valuables into the women&#39;s purses, knowing that Hall would never commit any bad act against a woman. Hall countered by begging forgiveness, but &quot;could the dear lady please remove all the men&#39;s belongings from her purse?&quot; His manner was so gracious and flattering they would usually blush and comply.<br/><br/>Mad Dog was entirely the opposite, a brutal and violent psychopath, and to glorify Morgan is simply fictitious sensationalism designed to garner applause for what is essentially a very bad movie. I thought Hopper did not take the role seriously and it seems he felt his reputation was all that was required for the payday. The movie was completely disjointed and came across as a series of unconnected one-act plays.<br/><br/>I gave it 3/10 purely for the beautiful Australian backdrop, but ONLY 3 because it was so poorly shot.
well i went to a store and they had dvds for for really cheap, and i saw this, and dennis hopper on the front, and i bought it, and I&#39;m pretty glad i did, it was really good for a 70&#39;s cheap budget western. Dennis Hopper like always, was good, it was kinda uncomfortable to watch, because of how old it was and how they shot, and the picture was in bad shape, but the acting was good, from most of the actors, the dialogue was good, and overall it was really good, which is surprising for a 70&#39;s low budget movie, but if it didn&#39;t have dennis hopper in it, i probably wouldn&#39;t like it as much, so if any of u see at like a rental place or store, buy it!

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